About us


About  "Ampara"

It was founded as an expression of my passion for knitting & design. The word "Ampara" means "Hand" in Aymara language, it was chosen because it represents the craftsmanship displayed in our products.



Sustainable Materials

The materials we use are carefully selected, we love working with fibers that are eco-friendly and that enhance our products, such as Alpaca and Linen. We believe in creating high-quality products using high-quality materials.



My Story

Since I was young I have always been attracted to the world of Crafts without realizing it at the time. I loved working with textures and colors, but most of all, I always loved the idea of making my own designs. Once my mom introduced me to Knitting and Crocheting, my love and passion for the craft has done nothing but grow. 



All the knitting work I have made so far is the result of self-taught training and a continuous exploration of the craft. I love knitting and crocheting by hand as much as I love working  with my knitting machines.



Throughout the years and as a result of the love for this craft, 
Ampara was created