Let's talk about Alpaca

Alpaca is a native animal of the Andes region in South America. It belongs to the Camelid family. They are known for their soft wool that is a great material option for the textile industry because of its properties.


What is Alpaca Wool ?

Alpaca fiber poses exceptional characteristics:

  • Very elegant appearance that comes with a soft and silky hand together with a long lasting quality.
  • It earned the prestige of being considered as one of the most sought-after fibers in the world of fashion among fibers such as vicuña, cashmere, mohair and silk.
  • The structure of the Alpaca fiber provides insulative qualities that make it light and warm.
  • These fibers can absorb moisture almost a third of its weight before being saturated keeping the wearer dry at the same time.
  • It causes no skin irritations or reactions which makes it a great option.


How to take care of your Alpaca Knit ?

In order to help the long lasting quality of this fiber, a proper maintenance is required. 

Hand wash with cold water

Dry Flat

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry



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