Coin Purse "Playful"


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This is an artisanal coin purse for women, handcrafted with a lot of attention to detail.

It has an internal divisions where you can put your cards, coins and bills.

The main fabric is made of "Aguayo" a traditional cloth used in the Andes, showing bold combinations of colors or figures that represent the Andean culture. It is made of 100% Sheep wool that provides a beautiful look and finishing.

The fabrics are reinforced in order to provide a high quality result and a long lasting life. The zipper puller is made of 100% Llama leather that ages beautifully.

Fabric combinations are carefully selected in order to provide bold contrast of colors, as well as patterns and textures that offer a harmonious result. 

This coin purse is made in Bolivia, in a Collaboration with a local artisan sharing the same vision of love for the craft.